Peace Hub Coordinator

I am the coordinator for Peace Hub - basically that means I look after the day to day running of the Hub. If you pop-in during our opening hours (11:00-14:30) I'll most likely be there - so say hello!

Want to Scrap Trident? Get the T-shirt!

In 2016 the government will decide whether to spend £100 billion on renewing Trident – the UK’s nuclear weapons system. Young Quakers have designed a T-shirt to help raise awareness and encourage people to contact their MPs – and you can get one from Peace Hub at the bargain price of £10! The T-shirts are […]

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Arms Trade: the Foreign Office Responds

At the end of last year, Peace Hub ’embargoed’ a giant arms export license and members of the public signed a petition calling for an arms embargo to Egypt and other  countries where UK arms could be used for repression. Now the Foriegn Office has responded – with some steps in the right direction, and […]

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Easter Events for all the Family

This Easter, we are hosting The Creative Toroise, who will be providing creative actvities for all the family.  Objection takes many forms – the activities will be exploring the theme of ‘Saying No’ and standing up for what you believe in. During the school holidays there are drop-in activities, as well as drama sessions for […]

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Stand Up for the Right to Refuse to Kill

Ha Hyeong hwan and Kim Seong min were imprisoned for 18 months in May 2014 for refusal to undertake compulsory military service in South Korea. Pop into Peace Hub to send a solidarity message to Hyeong and Seong —your words will give them hope during tough times. Conscription in South Korea All South Korean men […]

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Refusing to Kill – Working for Peace

We are pleased to announce Peace Hub’s peace & justice theme for March and April: Conscientious Objection: Then & Now Refusing to Kill – Working for Peace Along with other pacifists, many Quakers refused to fight in WWI when conscription began in 1916.  Some took ‘non-combative’ roles, such as the Friends Ambulance Unit.  Others were […]

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Keep Taking Action for Fairtrade

Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 has finished, and so has Peace Hub’s Fairtrade theme, as we move on to our new theme of Conscientious Objectors. But there are plenty of ways to keep active for Fairtrade: including at Peace Hub! We’re are delighted to announce that we will contiunue to stock Fairtrade snacks from Carrs Lane Fairtrade […]

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Equality Week – Letter Writing for the Living Wage

6th-15th March is Quaker Equality Week, when Quakers across the country will be joining with others to act for equality.  You are warmly invited to join Peace Hub’s contribution to Equality Week: Letter Writing Workshop: The Living Wage 11:00 – 14:30 Wednesday 11th March 2015 at Peace Hub, 41 Bull St, B4 6AF The Living […]

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Official Launch a Success!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Official Launch yesterday!  Here’s how it went: On Thursday 26th February Central England Quakers celebrated the opening of Peace Hub with a special all-day launch event. School-children and the public joined with local figures, to celebrate with a Fairtrade cuppa and a slice of cake.  In the evening NGOs […]

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