Take Action

When many individuals take action together, it adds up to make a big difference.

Taking action can seem a little daunting at first.  Sometime we simply need a spark of inspiration to just get up and do something. The first step is to take small actions alongside likeminded people, which add up to make a difference.

Actions that you can take part in at the Hub range from signing petitions and writing to MPs, to supporting efforts of peace-makers and justice-builders, and sending messages of solidarity. But all have at their heart the affirmation of people’s humanity.

Latest Actions

Find out about our latest actions, and join in:

Types of Action

There are many ways to take action forpeace & justice.  One isn’t better than another: it’s important to pick the right action for what you want to achieve.


A simple way to show broad support for a single issue – on paper or online.


To politiciains, companies, organisations or the media: a good way to show depth of feeling on an issue, especially if  personalised.


We can’t do everything ourselves, but a message of support can help peace-makers and justice-builders facing reppression to keep going.

Face to Face

From visiting your MP’s surgery to chatting to friends and family, a friendly, confident conversation can have the biggest impact.

Be the Change

Making a change in our own lives is challenging, but worthwhile: from buying ethically to responding to people with compassion.


A way to bring large numbers of people together in support of an issue and get public attention.

Photo & Video

A more creative way to send a message to people in power: share on social media to maximise the impact.

Direct Action

When the ‘official’ channels are not responding, direct action can get straight to the heart of the matter.


Whether serious or cheeky, in a theatre or on the street, drama can help people view difficult topics in a new way.