24th June 2016

Coming Soon: Peaceful Brum

Photo: Birmingham’s Peace Garden, by Elliot Brown.

Our theme for July & August 2016 will be ‘Peaceful Brum: What can we do to create peace in our city?’  Here’s your chance to get a sneak preview of what’s coming up!

Peace begins with all of us: we don’t have to wait for someone to give us permission to start being peaceful!

Many people aren’t waiting: there’s lots of great work for peace & justice already happening across our city.  Sometimes it’s obvious, other times we may be walking past a peaceful place every day without thinking about it.

Let’s celebrate the positive people, places & organisations that are already helping to make peace in our city and think about what we can all do to help our community.

Pop into the Hub during July & August to:

  • Add to our Peace Map
  • Get Creative for Peace
  • Pledge to Do Something Peaceful

There’ll also be a Family Peace Walk each Wednesday during the school holidays.

More details soon.  In the meantime, you’ve still got a week to join in with our Taking a Stand theme on Freedom of Conscience – so get in quick!

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