Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Peace Hub?

Peace Hub is a friendly cafe-style space, focussed on peace & justice.

We focus on themes linked to peace, simplicity, equality and truth to:

  • Inform and stimulate dialogue on peace & justice,
  • Encourage people to affirm the humanity of others,
  • Provide opportunities for people to take action

Read more about Peace Hub.

How can I get involved?

Pop in to the Hub between 11am and 5pm Tuesday-Thursday for a friendly chat about our latest peace & social justice theme, over a complimentary cuppa.  We always have an action to take, from signing a petition to sending a message of solidarity.  When many individuals take action together, it adds up to make a big difference.

However much (or little!) time and energy you have to give, there’s a way of getting involved: we’re here to help you find the actions that are right for you.  Find out more about getting involved.

Do you take volunteers or work experience placements?

Yes! Our friendly volunteers get the public interested, engaged and inspired to take action for peace & justice.

Most of our volunteers help one day per week or fortnight, during Peace Hub’s normal opening hours (11-5 Tues-Thur.) Enthusiasm, friendliness and good communication skills are more important than prior knowledge or experience.

Find out more about volunteering at the Hub.

If you are looking for an intensive work experience placement (i.e. a 30-40 hour week), unfortunately we are not currently able to offer this, as the Hub is only open for 18.5 hours a week.

Do I need to be a Quaker to join in?

No, Peace Hub is for everyone!

Although we are a Quaker organisation, we aim to be a centre from which a diverse community in Central England is inspired to act for peace and justice.  The same faith that leads Quakers to live out our testimonies on peace, equality, simplicity and truth, also leads us to respect differences and work together with individuals and groups or all faiths or no faith.

(If you would like to find out more about Quakers, visit the website of Quakers in Britain)

Do you work with other groups?

Yes definitely: that’s what being a ‘hub’ is all about.

We focus on a broad range of peace & justice themes, and are keen to work together with other groups who are already taking action on those themes.  We’re not in the business of reinventing wheels: our aim is to bring together the information and activity that’s already out there, and present it in a friendly and understandable way to the public.

So, if you’re working on a topic that overlaps with one of our themes: get in touch.

Groups working on peace & justice are also invited to use our Resource Centre as a meeting space for small-committee meetings, on a ‘pay what you can afford’ basis.  Read more.

And we help organise events to bring together people working for peace & justice to share ideas, information and skills.  Check our events listing to see what’s coming up.

What does ‘peace & social justice’ mean?

We all want a world where we can feel safe, happy, and play our part. ‘Peace & Social Justice’ means making that world a reality: one step at a time.

The range of themes under the umbrella of peace & justice is very broad: from resisting the arms trade to supporting Faitrade, via working for a low-carbon future and showing solidarity with conscientious objectors.  And if that all seems a bit daunting: don’t worry, we’re here to help!  Pop in for a friendly chat about how you can get involved.

If you’re interested in learning more about ‘Peace & Justice: what does it mean in the 21st Century?’, from 2016 we will be offering a speaker on this topic, who can deliver a talk or workshop to your group.

Read our vision statement.

How do you decide what topics to focus on?

We aim to select a wide range of peace & justice themes, in line with our vision, aim and objectives.

To be chosen as a focus, themes must:

  • Encourage people to affirm the humanity of others
  • Clearly link to at least one of the Quaker testimonies: Peace, Simplicity, Equality, Truth
  • Provide opportunities for the public to take action for peace and justice

Read the full procedure and criteria for selecting themes.

I have an idea for a peace & social justice theme: how can I share it?

Read through our procedure and criteria for choosing themes, then get in touch for a chat about how your idea could work.

We recognise that there are many peace and justice issues that individuals and groups, both within Quakers and the wider peace-movement, feel passionately about, and would like Peace Hub to take up. We aim to select a wide range of themes, but must work with finite resources and in accordance with our Quaker principles. Themes are therefore selected and prioritised in line with Peace Hub’s vision, aim and objectives, using this procedure and criteria.

How are you funded?

Our work relies on support from people like you, who are passionate about peace & justice.  Please consider making a secure donation online.

Peace Hub is a branch of the Central England Area Quaker Meeting Charities (reg. charity no. 224571).  That means that we are a not-for-profit organisation, and our activities such as hiring out our meeting room simply break even.  We therefore need to raise funds to support our work for peace & justice from a mixture of sources, including: Central England Quaker Area Meeting, trusts and grant-making bodies, local Quaker meetings and individuals.

We do not receive any public funding, and as a Quaker organisation we do not apply for or accept any funding from gambling, including the National Lottery.

What will my donation fund?

Make a donation towards our work here.

Your donation will help us to run our Hub in Birmingham city centre, where we engage the public with peace & justice issues, bring people together and help them to take action.  Our building costs are covered by generous support from Central England Quaker Area Meeting, so 100% of your donation will go towards our work and witness for peace & justice.

For example, a £10 one-off donation could fund a welcoming space to put visitors at ease when talking about difficult issues. A £5 per month regular donation could fund an enticing display for one of our peace & justice themes. See more examples of what your donation could fund.

Can you sign a document as a ‘justice of the peace’?

No, for that service you need Birmingham Magistrates Court.

Their main switchboard number is 0121 212 6609 or alternately you can come to the Court (on Corporation St, Birmingham city centre, B4 6QA) between 9am-2pm Monday to Friday to the public enquiry office where they can assist further.

Do you do dry cleaning?

No.  You’d be surprised how often we got asked this when the Hub first opened!

41 Bull Street was leased to Johnsons dry cleaners for many years.  When the tram works began on Bull St in November 2013, Johnsons decided that the location was no longer right for them and decided to move out.  This left the building empty, and the owners (the Central England Area Quaker Meeting Charities) decided that instead of finding a new commercial tenant, they would use the building to put the Quaker commitment to peace, equality, simplicity and truth into practice.  And so Peace Hub was born!

Pinfolds dry cleaners is located 5mins walk away at 5 Steelhouse Ln, Birmingham, B4 6DR.

If your question hasn’t been answered here, please feel free to get in touch.