12th July 2016

Trident Renewal to be Debated on Monday

Photos: CND.

An update on our Time to Bin Trident theme, and the action that you took to call for the UK’s nuclear weapons system to not be renewed.

After several delays, parliament will finally vote on whether or not to renew Trident this coming Monday (18th July).  With the estimated cost now at over £200 billion over Trident’s 40 year life-span, it is time for this money to be spent on the things we all care about instead: health, education, the environment.

Thanks to everyione who signed the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) petition against Trident – there is still time to take part in a number of actions to show that the UK public does not want to keep stickpiling weapons of mass destruction:

And on the following Saturday (23rd July) International Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (ICAN) are holding an event called Nukes of Hazard about the convoys that rpoutinely carry the Trident nuclear weapons past Birmingham.

This all comes the day before the Peace Tax Bill is debated on 19th July.  These major peace issues have been squeezed by the EU referendum into the final sessions of parliament before the summer break, but let’s show that they can’t be swept under the carpet!

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