Vision Statement

Vision Statement

As Quakers we are called to act for Peace and Justice. Peace Hub seeks to provide a centre from which an inclusive community is inspired to take up this call.

We aim for Peace Hub to become a Quaker service to the public that Birmingham and the Midlands are proud to have. We hope that Peace Hub will become a place to which people naturally come when wanting to act for peace and justice, and provide a base for networks of peace-makers.

Aim & Objectives


A centre from which a diverse community in Central England is inspired to act for peace and justice.


We seek to meet this aim using a rolling programme of peace and justice themes, through which we:

  • Inform the public on a wide range of peace and justice issues
  • Stimulate dialogue with the local community about peace and justice
  • Offer hope though positive examples of peace-making and justice-building
  • Encourage people to act for peace by
    • Advocating for local, national and international structures that support peace and justice – as Quakers say: ‘speaking truth to power’
    • Showing solidarity with peace-makers and justice-builders

We further support our aim through ongoing activities, by:

  • Supporting community & interfaith cohesion
  • Encouraging people to make peace in their own lives
  • Upholding activists and groups working for peace and justice
  • Explaining why Quakers as a community are called to act for peace and justice.

This vision statement is a working document that will develop with Peace Hub, in light of experience and guidance.