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A just and peaceful world is possible if we work together.

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How can we support each other’s mental health & wellbeing?

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Peace Hub remains closed at the beginning of 2021.  Join in online to find out about our latest theme & get ideas for action.

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Got 2 minutes to make the world a better place?

Take our latest peace & social justice action: when many people take small actions, it adds up to make a big difference.

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Our work relies on support from people like you, who are passionate about peace & justice. Please consider making a  secure donation online.


Got 2 minutes to make the world a better place? Join in online to take action for peace & social justice.

What is Peace Hub?

We believe that a just & peaceful world is possible if we work together: if that sounds like a world you’d like to be a part of, we’d love to connect with you!

Check out the video below for more information.

We also support community & interfaith cohesion, and uphold activists and groups working for peace & justice.

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How Can I Get Involved?

Peace Hub remains temporarily closed at the beginning of 2021 – we hope to reopen at stage 3 of the current government roadmap.

Join in online to find out about our latest theme, and get ideas for simple actions you can take! Actions range from signing petitions and writing to your MP, to supporting peace-making efforts and sending messages of solidarity. When we all take small actions together, it adds up to make a big difference.

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Take Action for a Mental Health Spokesperson

There are simple steps we can all take to support our own mental wellbeing, and care for each others. There has been great work in recent years to make us all more aware of these issues, and become be…

28th April 2021

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Having a Conversation about Mental Health

Our theme Speak – Listen – Change is all about having positive conversations about mental health: by speaking openly about mental health we can challenge stigma; by listening deeply to oth…

13th April 2021

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Join us to Speak, Listen, Change

Our theme for April, May & June 2021 is: Speak, Listen, Change – how can we support each other’s mental health & wellbeing? ‘Mental wellbeing’ is our general emotional state: how w…

6th April 2021

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Make ‘the Commitment’ for a healthy planet

Join in with this simple action ahead of the West Midlands Mayoral Elections in May. Our friends at The Commitment work to put climate change and the natural world higher up the political agenda, by c…

1st April 2021

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Agroecology: What is it & Why support it?

Image: USDA CC BY 2.0 There are lots of small actions we can all take to eat more sustainably.  But to make the big changes we need to feed everyone whilst also maintaining our environment, our food …

11th March 2021

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person holding a green plant

Take Action on the Climate Emergency

A round up of online actions you can currently take on the climate emergency – personal, local, national and international: Personal Action Eco Action Families have made a great video explaining…

28th January 2021

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During this period of uncertainty and changing coronavirus restrictions, unfortunately Silence in the City will be suspended. Woodbrooke are holding online meetings for worship, which you are welcome to join.

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