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A just and peaceful world is possible if we work together.

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Safe & Sound?

How can we create security for everyone?

Our current theme: pop in to find our more and take action!

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Pop in. Get a Cuppa. Make a Difference.

Pop in 11am-5pm Tue-Thu for a chat about peace & justice over a complimentary cuppa.

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Got 2 minutes to make the world a better place?

Pop in to take our latest peace & justice action: when many people take small actions, it adds up to make a big difference.

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Our work relies on support from people like you, who are passionate about peace & justice. Please consider making a  secure donation online.


Got 2 minutes to make the world a better place? Everyone is welcome to pop into Peace Hub on Bull Street, Birmingham to have a chat, get a cuppa and be part of a community that cares.

What is Peace Hub?

Peace Hub is a friendly, cafe-style space, focussed on peace & justice. We believe that a just & peaceful world is possible if we work together: if that sounds like a world you’d like to be a part of, we’d love to meet you! Simply pop in Tuesday – Thursday to find out more.

Check out the video below for more information.

We also support community & interfaith cohesion, and uphold activists and groups working for peace & justice.

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How Can I Get Involved?

Pop in: we’re open 11am-5pm Tues, Weds, Thurs.  

We’ll have a friendly chat and you can take part in a simple action to help make the world a better place. And you can relax with a complimentary cuppa at the same time! Actions range from signing petitions and writing to your MP, to supporting peace-making efforts and sending messages of solidarity. When we all take small actions together, it adds up to make a big difference.

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Tackle Climate Breakdown

In this article, we’re looking at how we could Tackle Problems like Climate Breakdown. Our most basic security need is to have a liveable planet. Yet climate change is often left down the list o…

9th December 2019

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Promote Human Rights

In this article, we’re thinking about how we could Promote Human Rights. Sometimes, we see security as holding onto the power we already have. We can be convinced to give up our basic rights in …

5th December 2019

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People Before Profit

Meet people’s basic needs

In this article we’re thinking about how we could Meet People’s Basic Needs. Poverty and lack of access to resources are at the root of many conflicts around the world. Economic inequality…

2nd December 2019

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Invest in Peacebuilding

In this article, we’re exploring how we could Invest in Peacebuilding. If we see others as competitors or enemies, we naturally seek security in out-competing or defeating them.  But this c…

27th November 2019

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Take action: Patricia’s Story

Photo by Caroline Bennett, Amazon Watch. Our current theme Safe & Sound is all about rethinking security. Patricia Gualinga and the Mujeres Amazonicas are standing up for a peaceful and just idea …

20th November 2019

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Catch up: Safety in Numbers?

On Saturday 2nd November 2019, around 20 people came together in Birmingham to explore the question: ‘how can we rethink security for a more just & peaceful world?’ It seemed fitting f…

7th November 2019

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Silence In The City

Take time out from your busy week to stop and reflect.

Silence in the City

20 minutes of silence shared by a small, friendly group in Birmingham City Centre, followed by a cup of tea and a chat. 1pm every Tuesday.

Upcoming Dates:

17th Dec 2019 1:00 PM at Peace Hub