Book a Speaker

Book a Speaker or Workshop for your Group or Organisation

If you can’t get to Peace Hub, we can (virtually) come to you!

Our coordinator Pete can deliver an online talk or workshop about peace & justice.  Drop us an email at to find out more and book a session.

During this period of uncertainty and changing coronavirus restrictions, unfortunately our coordinator is not available to physically speak or run workshops, so we’re sticking to online for now.

Workshop: ‘Peace begins with all of us.’

Many of us would like to be peaceful in our lives, but how do we begin to go about it? And what if trying to be peaceful brings us into conflict with other people?

This workshop will help you consider an action you would like to take for peace, to identify the skills and attributes you already have that will help you, and make a plan to get the support that will help you take the next step.  Along the way we’ll look at different ways of responding to conflict and build up our confidence to deal with tricky situations.  By the end of the workshop, you’ll have set yourself a challenge to take action for peace, and found the motivation to do it.

Talk: ‘Peace & Justice: what does it mean in the 21st Century?’

If we ask the public “what does ‘peace’ mean to you?” answers vary from “a nice sit-down without any distractions” to “no more war across the world”; and there’s as broad a range of ideas about ‘justice’.  But when we talk about ‘peace & justice’ – what do we mean?  How do the two relate?  Have our ideas of peace & justice changed over time?  And most importantly, does ‘peace & justice’ provide a vision for a better world?

Pete will explore these ideas, bringing his experience of trying to put them into practice through Peace Hub and other activism.  He’ll translate the jargon of the peace movement, and of academic literiture on this subject, into understandable English, and consider what it all means in the real world.

How do I book a talk or workshop?

To book a speaker or workshop, drop us an email at with details of where and when the session will take place, and roughly how many people will participate.

Timings can be adjusted to fit your meeting, and the focus of the talk or workshop can be adapted for your group’s particular interests, so let us know your requirements.