8th July 2016

Peace Tax Bill to be debated

Picture: Conscience.

An update on our theme Taking a Stand, and the action you took to support the taxes for peace bill.

In May & June we were asking you to ‘register’ as a modern day conscientious objector, by opposing the use of our taxes for war, and asking for this money to be spent on peace-building instead.  This campaign is being run by Conscience: Taxes for Peace not War, and together with Ruth Cadbury MP they will be bringing a ten-minute-rule bill to parliament on 19th July.

Shaughan Dolan, Campaigns Manager at Conscience: Taxes for Peace Not War has said

“I hope that MPs will vote for this opportunity to give people guided by their conscience the freedom to build a more peaceful world, and reject funding violence.”

Watch this space for an update on how the bill does.  In the meantime, you still have a short time to contact your MP and ask them to support the bill.

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