Peace Hub Coordinator

I am the coordinator for Peace Hub - basically that means I look after the day to day running of the Hub. If you pop-in during our opening hours (11:00-14:30) I'll most likely be there - so say hello!

New Junior Peacemakers Workshops: Book Now

We are delighted to be working with our sister organisation Peacemakers, to host another set of Junior Peacemakers workshops: Thinking about WW1 – Choices Then and Now The workshops are free for schools to bring 4 children (KS2) and one adult (two if required). There are spaces for 3 schools on each day: Mon 5th […]

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Agroecology: What is it & Why support it?

Image: USDA CC BY 2.0 Our theme ‘Grub’s Up’ is encouraging a shift in how we produce food: away from harmful Factory Farming towards Sustainable Farming. There are lots of small actions we can all take to eat more sustainably.  But to make the big changes we need to feed everyone whilst also mainting our […]

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Take Action for Sustainable Food

Image: USDA CC BY 2.0 Our theme Grub’s Up is all about making our food more sustainable.  There are simple changes we can make in our own lives, but big changes are also needed in our food production systems. As the UK prepares to seek new trade deals around the world, our politicians need to […]

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The Trouble with Factory Farming

Our Grub’s Up! theme is all about supporting a shift from Factory Farming to Sustainable Food Production – but what is Factory Farming, and why is it a problem? Factory farming is a system of growing food that prioritises getting maximum food from minimum land area.  That sounds like it’s just good business sense, until […]

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Grub’s Up: Join Us!

Image: USDA CC BY 2.0 We’re pleased to announced that for September & October 2018, we’re returning to one of our early peace & jutsice themes: Grub’s Up: Let’s make our food sustainable. More and more of our food is coming from ‘factory’ farms – warehouses crammed with livestock, or vast mono-crop plantations. This factory […]

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Join In: Creative Activities for Peace!

Throughout the school Summer Holidays 2018, pop into Peace Hub during our normal opening times to take part in creative activities for all ages and abilities. Making peace often involves thinking outside the box – taking part in creative activities can help us get in the right frame of mind to make change. Here are […]

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Home Matters Art Trail

Last chance to see Danya’s Artwork! ‘My Parents are my Home’ will remain on display here until 31st July 2018. Birmingham Friends of the Earth have announced the winners of their art competition to highlight the issue of Climate Refugees, and Peace Hub is delighted to be one of the venues where a winning artwork […]

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Take Action for Homes Fit to Live In

Our theme A Place to Call Home explores the links between housing, insecure renting and homelessness. As house prices keep going up, more and more people are privately renting.  But these tenants are in a vulnerable position: more than 3 million households in the UK are thought to be just one missed pay-cheque away from […]

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