Can we Unite for Warm Homes?

Can we Unite for Warm Homes?

Our theme Warm Homes, Cool Planet is asking: how can we address the immediate energy crisis, while building a long-term response to the climate crisis?

Birmingham Friends of the Earth (BFoE) are calling on the UK government to provide emergency support to keep people warm this winter, and make long-term changes to transform our energy system.

“It is estimated that up to 6 million households could be living in fuel poverty this winter.

Those who are out of work or on a lower income are at a higher risk. Research suggests that people of colour, disabled people and young people will be disproportionately affected.

The government has failed to take the necessary action to protect us from the volatility of global energy prices and the United Kingdom’s reliance on climate wrecking fossil fuels.”

Birmingham Friends of the Earth

As part of the grassroots United for Warm Homes campaign, BFoE have three demands for the UK government:

  1. Provide urgent additional financial support to keep people warm.
  2. Fund an emergency programme of insulation and energy saving measures.
  3. Transform the failed energy system to one that works for people and the planet, not profit. Birmingham and the UK has to get off dependency on gas, oil and coal and make use of the endless renewable energy sources all around us.

Can we Unite for Warm Homes?
Pop into Peace Hub to find out more, and sign the letter to show your support.

You can also read the letter and sign online.

And if you’re keen to dig deeper and learn how we can have Warm Homes We can All Afford, join BFoE on Monday 20 February in person at the Warehouse Cafe or online. Find out how retrofitting and home insulation is critical in the fight against fuel poverty and climate change. Our friends at Footsteps will also be speaking.

Due to capacity of the venue, there are limited number of in-person tickets so please do register. Register for in person and online tickets.