Can we Unite to Survive?

Can we Unite to Survive?

Our current theme at Peace Hub is all about responding to the energy & climate crises. We’re looking at initiatives at the community level, like Footsteps Energy Champions, and calling for change at national government level, with Friends of the Earth. Now a major climate action is bringing these strands together – uniting people from many groups (community, faith, activist, NGO, trade union) at the heart of power in Westminster to call for climate justice.

If you’re already on board, why not engage your friends and communities? XR Brum point out:

By far the greatest impact we can have individually is to engage those we know in discussions about the climate crisis and the potential for positive action. Lots of people still don’t know The Big One is happening, or feel disengaged, disheartened and hopeless.

The most effective way to make this HUGE is to personally invite your friends and family. The most powerful messages will come from you in your own words, but if you need some prompts here are some quick links to share on WhatsAppFacebook or Twitter.

If you’ve not heard about the Big One already, here’s the key info:

The Big One‘ will take place Fri 21st – Mon 24th April outside the Houses of Parliament. It has been organised by Extinction Rebellion, with many other groups (including Quakers in Britain) getting involved to make it a family-friendly, welcoming and accessible action. The aim is to get 100,000 people involved to get the attention of the Government (not to disrupt the public).

Individuals are invited to come when you like, leave when you like, and stay for as long as you can – you can  sign up to show your support on the XR website. XR Brum are organising coaches from Birmingham to London for the Friday and Saturday at £20 each, or £10 unwaged (with options to go for the day, or to go on Friday morning and come back on Saturday evening.)

Each of the days has a different focus:

  • Friday 21st – Unite to Survive, flooding Westminster in a wave of flags and banners.
  • Saturday 22nd – Earth Day, an enormous, celebration & family-friendly march for biodiversity! Costumes, music, giant puppets for the annual international day of environmental awareness.
  • Sunday 23rd – Running Out of Time coexisting with the London Marathon as it cuts across Parliament Square, providing an opportunity to engage with the huge crowds of spectators.
  • Monday 24th – Choose Your Future: parliament returns, the demands for citizen-led democracy to end the fossil fuel era and a fair society that includes reparation are delivered.

If you ant to find out more XR Birmingham are running online Q&As each Friday and there are FAQs on the national XR website.

Photo: Extinction Rebellion UK

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