Warm Homes, Cool Planet

Warm Homes, Cool Planet

We’re pleased to announce that our new theme for spring 2023 is:

Warm Homes, Cool Planet

How can Brum respond to the energy & climate crises?

Energy prices are rising rapidly and many people are in difficulty paying bills.

We are addicted to fossil fuels for our energy, putting the power over our access to heating, lighting and cooking in the hands of a small number of corporations and governments. Supplies are treated as a commodity to be traded and make a profit from, so prices go up and down, leaving many vulnerable.

At the same time, we all know that burning these fossil fuels is changing our climate, with more extreme weather already being felt.

We can help address the climate and energy crises by:

  • getting ourselves off fossil fuels,
  • using less energy altogether,
  • powering what we do need from renewables.

There are no easy answers, but lots of ideas about how we could do things better – and we’d love to hear yours!

Pop into Peace Hub throughout February, March & April 2023 to:

Photos used under Creative Commons CC4.0-BY: (clockwise from top-left) Infrared camera captures heat leaking from home, David Dodge / Green Energy Future; Trade unionist calls for a Green New Deal, Becker1999 / Wikimedia; A young girl removes snow from a solar panel at a new power plant in Balcombe, 10:10 / Oliver Rudkin; A man insulates a loft, Simon Williams.