29th April 2016

Coming Soon: Taking a Stand

Next week, our new theme – Taking a Stand: Let’s support freedom of conscience – starts at Peace Hub.  Get a sneak peek here!

In 1916, the British government introduced conscription.  Many pacifists refused to fight: to kill, in any circumstances, went against their conscience. Facing prison, or even sentenced to death, they remained strong, and their efforts helped to establish the right to conscientiously object in British law.

Today, British people are no longer physically conscripted, but our taxes continue to pay for war.  Conscientious objectors believe that instead we must work for peace & justice, and are asking for our tax to be spent on peace, not war.

Meanwhile, around the world, efforts to make peace often bring activists into conflict with the authorities: many people are still put in prison for standing up for their beliefs today.

Let’s support people to take a stand for what they believe.

Pop into Peace Hub during May & June 2016 to:

  • Find out more
  • Say what you believe in
  • Sign the petition to support prisoners of conscience
  • ‘Register’ as a modern-day conscientious objector

Drop in any time during our new opening hours: 11am-2pm Tue-Fri & 4pm-6pm Tue-Thu.

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