New Junior Peacemakers Workshops: Book Now

We are delighted to be working with our sister organisation Peacemakers, to host another set of Junior Peacemakers workshops: Thinking about WW1 – Choices Then and Now The workshops are free for schools to bring 4 children (KS2) and one adult (two if required). There are spaces for 3 schools on each day: Mon 5th […]

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‘Register’ as a Modern-Day CO

100 years on from The Conscription Act young men are no longer forced to join the armed forces.  But all of us are made to support war through our taxes. For countries like Britain, modern warfare does not need large numbers of conscripted soldiers, but does use highly expensive weaponry to engage in conflict around […]

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Coming Soon: Taking a Stand

Next week, our new theme – Taking a Stand: Let’s support freedom of conscience – starts at Peace Hub.  Get a sneak peek here! In 1916, the British government introduced conscription.  Many pacifists refused to fight: to kill, in any circumstances, went against their conscience. Facing prison, or even sentenced to death, they remained strong, […]

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