prisoners of conscience

Take a Stand: Support Loujain

Loujain al-Hathloul is a prominent Saudi Arabian human rights defender. In 2014, she defied Saudi’s driving ban for women by attempting to drive into Saudi Arabia from the United Arab Emirates.  She was detained for 73 days by the security forces. Thanks to the work of Loujain and her fellow campaigners, the ban on women […]

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Keep Taking a Stand for Freedom of Conscience

Our Taking a Stand theme is coming to an end at Peace Hub, but there are still plenty of ways to keep taking action for Freedom of Conscience. Prisoners of Conscience continue to be persecuted around the world: Amnesty International campaigns for their release and for greater human rights.  You can see Amnesty’s latest campaigns […]

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Chelsea’s Story

Those who join the armed forces, often do so believing that military action will make the world a safer place. But if their experiences of war lead them to change their mind, leaving the military can be difficult and even dangerous. In 2009, 22-year-old Chelsea Manning was serving as a military analyst in the US […]

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1916-2016: 100 Years of Conscientious Objection

It’s 100 years since the right to conscientious objection was enshrined in British law.  What did taking a stand mean then, and how does it compare to today? In 1916, the British government introduced conscription – all men aged 18-40 were compelled to join the armed forces.  Along with other pacifists in the No-Conscription Fellowship, […]

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Take Action to Free Darya

Photo: Amnesty International. Our Taking a Stand theme is all about supporting Freedom of Conscience.  Darya is one activist who stood up for what she believes in, and faced a terrible price – let’s call for her freedom! Darya Poliudova lives in a small town in southern Russia where she is well known locally for […]

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Coming Soon: Taking a Stand

Next week, our new theme – Taking a Stand: Let’s support freedom of conscience – starts at Peace Hub.  Get a sneak peek here! In 1916, the British government introduced conscription.  Many pacifists refused to fight: to kill, in any circumstances, went against their conscience. Facing prison, or even sentenced to death, they remained strong, […]

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