Climate Justice – how can we think global, act local?

Climate Justice – how can we think global, act local?

The scale of the climate emergency can sometimes feel overwhelming – what can we do in our communities and city to make a difference?

In June 2019 Birmingham City Council joined cities around the world by passing a motion declaring a Climate Emergency. The motion calls for a ‘just transition’ to net-zero carbon for the city by 2030 – an ambitious target that can only be achieved by making big changes to our lives.

But the council’s declaration of a ‘section 114 notice’ puts these ambitions at risk. It will need public support to stick to net-zero by 2030. Birmingham CJC are calling on Birmingham City Council to re-state its commitment to achieve net zero by 2030 and to ensure that green policies are at the heart of any future plans.

  • No retreat on Net Zero by 2030 – green jobs now.
  • No cuts to services, jobs, wages or conditions.
  • No rise in council tax, instead increase contributions to council finances from business rates.
  • Settle the equal pay dispute on terms acceptable to the unions.
  • Do not accept downscaling of net-zero commitments from the government-appointed commission.

Pop into Peace Hub by 7th November to sign BrumCJC’s petition

or sign online

On Fri 8th December at 12 noon, the petition will be handed over at the Council House. The following day (Sat 9th Dec), Peace Hub will be joining BrumCJC and many others in a global day of action, making the links between our local actions and the global crisis.

Now We Rise – Saturday 9th Dec

  • Critical Mass Bike Ride 11am, Pigeon Park
  • March & Rally, 12 noon, High St (next to Barclays)

As world leaders gather for a COP28 Summit presided over by an oil executive in the United Arab Emirates, we’re supporting this action in Birmingham – one of many mobilisations for climate justice across Britain.

Six years ago, scientists and world leaders met in Paris for a major climate summit. They took important steps on the journey to protect our shared environment, setting ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions in the coming decades.

But since then, progress has been slow, and targets are being missed. In November, politicians will meet in Dubai to work on putting those ambitions into practice. There are fears that fossil fuel producers will block serous change. As the Climate Justice Coalition puts it:

Prices will keep rising, corporate profits will keep rising and the world will keep burning – unless we rise.

Read more from our fellow BrumCJC members Birmingham Friends of the Earth

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