Keep Taking Action Together With Refugees

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Keep Taking Action Together With Refugees

At Peace Hub our theme Who We Are is coming to an end, but there are still many ways that you can continue to stand Together With Refugees.

The Nationality and Borders Bill has passed through the House of Commons and will now go to the House of Lords early next year. It can be very disheartening seeing this attack on people seeking safety being voted through parliament. But there is still opportunity for some of the worst aspects of the bill to be amended by the Lords, so now is not the time to give up.

Check out Together With Refugees to join people and organisations across the UK calling for a fairer, more compassionate approach to refugees. Whilst we wait for more details on how to lobby the Lords, you can show solidarity by displaying an orange heart in your window, a public place, or online.

Keep in touch with Birmingham City of Sanctuary for details of local campaigning that you can join. BCoS also have details of organisations working directly with refugees who are regularly looking for volunteers.

You can support this petition calling for clause 9 of the bill to be removed – this clause would allow the government to strip people of their British citizenship without notice.

Meanwhile, Freedom from Torture have launched a legal challenge to the proposal to ‘push back’ refugee boats in the Channel (instead of taking people to safety). There may be legal challenges to other parts of the bill, if they conflict with the UK’s obligations under international law.

Asylum Matters have recently highlighted the unsuitable and unsafe accommodation that people seeking asylum have been stuck in. Keep up with Asylum Matters for details of campaigning on this issue.

You can also continue to support the long running campaigns to Lift the Ban on work for asylum seekers and to bring separated refugee Families Together.

As we pass through the darkest part of the year, we hope you have a restful time, and come back refreshed and ready to keep taking action in 2022. You care always welcome to get in touch with Peace Hub for a chat about these issues, and how you can get involved.

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