A Burning Issue

How can we respond to the Climate Emergency?

Communities, governments and international bodies around the world are declaring a ‘climate emergency’. Here in Birmingham, our city council made a declaration in June 2019, with unanimous support. But what does this mean, and how can we respond to this emergency?

The Birmingham declaration calls for a ‘just transition’ to net-zero carbon for the city by 2030 – an ambitious target that can only be achieved by making big changes to our lives. We can all make a difference as individuals, but we also need to come together to make the changes needed.

How much do you feel part of a local or city community?

Can accepting that we are facing an emergency galvanise us into action?

These are difficult questions, and if you’re not sure where to begin, why not get in touch for a friendly (online) chat and to get some inspiration.

Join us throughout January, February & March 2021 to:

  • Find out more and get tips on living sustainably;
  • Let us know what parts of our local environment you love and want to protect;
  • Make a veg-pledge to eat more plant-based food;
  • Send a message to leaders to act on the climate emergency.

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