Get Inspired for Climate Justice

Get Inspired for Climate Justice

As part of our theme A Burning Issue, we’re delighted to be hosting an exhibition: ‘Meaningful Textiles – Creation and the Environment’.

A set of embroideries by Pamela Pavitt, these beautiful, intricate works invite us to reflect on questions of climate justice, and get inspired to take action. Many thanks to Westhill Endowment for the loan of this exhibition (if your organisation is interested in hosting it in future, you can get in touch with Westhill).

The exhibition is now open at the Hub for you to enjoy!

Pop into Peace Hub between 21st November and 13th December to view the exhibition and get inspired.

Some questions to reflect on as you view the exhibition:

  • Which of the pieces speaks to you?
  • Can accepting that we are facing an emergency galvanise us into action?
  • How can we maintain hope in the face of this emergency?
  • What would a different system look like?
  • What does love require of us as a community?

Pamela Pavitt was involved in textiles since school and continued to art school and to teaching textiles. Taking early retirement Pamela was lead to create this series of embroideries as a presentation creation and the environment, and thus the Meaningful Textiles collection was created. Pamela was inspired by her Christian faith in creating these works, but the themes will resonate with people of all faiths and none:

The elements around us are strong, yet vulnerable. The seas have great power yet we can destroy their environment with our thoughtlessness. The bible show us that at the very beginning humans were instructed to take care of the earth. “Then the Lord God took the man and placed him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and keep it.” (Genesis 2:15). It’s a great privilege but a great responsibility.

Pamela Pavitt

The exhibition is one half of the Meaningful Textiles collection (we hope to host the Peace & Reconciliation exhibition in future). You can see Pamela talking about the exhibition in the video below.

Image: ‘Earth’ and ‘Fire’ by Pamela Pavitt, from the Meaningful Textiles Exhibition.

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