25th October 2017

Take Action on Air Pollution

Photo: sunset in Aston by Martin Hartland CC2.0 BY-NC-SA

As part of ‘Our Shared Environment’, we’re inviting you to tell us about the spaces within our local environment that you love.  We’re also getting together to protect these spaces so that we and future generations can continue to share and enjoy them.

One of the biggest threats to our environment here in the West Midlands is air pollution, mainly caused by heavy traffic.

At Peace Hub, we’re supporting Birmingham Friends of the Earth (BFoE)’s campaign for A Breath of Fresh Air.  BFoE report that:

“The government’s own figures show that air pollution is responsible for almost 3000 deaths a year in the West Midlands, due to respiratory and cardiovascular disease. In 2015, Birmingham was one of 5 cities, alongside Leeds, Nottingham, Derby, and Southampton ordered to introduce a clean air zone by 2020.

One of the best ways to help reduce air pollution is to encourage people to walk or cycle more. 25% of all car journeys are of 2 miles or less, walking distance for most people, and you get to see the local scenery too. What we need is new cycling and walking infrastructure that makes it easier for people to make that positive choice.”

Pop into Peace Hub to sign the petition to Birmingham City Council: calling on them to create a Birmingham-wide clean air zone by 2020.

You can also mark a local space that you love on our interactive map, all over a friendly cup of tea!

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