30th September 2016

Peace Day Celebrations a Success!

Peace Hub joined up with our sister organisation Peacemakers to celebrate International Peace Day in style!

Peacemakers (West Midlands Quaker Peace Education Project) invited local schools to join in workshops exploring the Sustainable Development Goals.  These 17 goals, set by the UN, were the focus of this years’ Peace Day as ‘the building blocks for peace’.  The children had the chance to consider the goals more deeply, posing questions about the environment, society, economy and politics, before lookingat  how they ‘point to peace’.

Learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals

Having ‘thought global’ in the morning, the young people spent the afternoon ‘acting local’ – thinking about changes they could put in place in their own schools, to make them more peaceful places.  The range of ideas was fantastic – from reducing the amount of food wasted at lunchtimes to setting friendship goals for better relationships in the classroom.  Watch this space to hear how the young people got on making change in their schools!

Find out how you can act local for more economic equality in Brum.

And of course, being a Peacemakers event, there were plenty of games for the young people (and adults!) to enjoy, and we shared some cake to celebrate International Peace Day.  There was lots of positive feedback, and we look forward to running more events togther with Peacemakers in future.

If you know a school who might be interested in becoming more peaceful, check out the Peacemakers website.

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of these issues, pop into Peace Hub for a chat.


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