10th September 2016

Act Local: Birmingham Pound

Image: Mock up of a Birmingham Pound.

Brixton, Bristol and Totness already have their own local currencies – and Birmingham could be next!

You’d initially get your ‘Birmingham Pounds’ by buying them for £1 Sterling each – as notes, or on a debit card.  Then you’d be able to spend your Birmingham Pounds in local shops and businesses: meaning that money flows around the local economy, and gets spent on goods and services that are actually useful to people.

Localise West Midlands have researched how having more small businesses and local ownership leads to more:

  • economic success
  • jobs
  • people feeling included
  • people taking part in local society
  • wellbeing
  • local distinctiveness

There is a virtuous circle, where people feel they are more part of the local society and economy, and so are keen to take part and help make things better.  Going local isn’t about being parochial, or saying ‘my city’s better than yours’.  It’s about getting the best from a community where people are living and working together.

A Birmingham Pound could help build this local economy: but at the moment it’s just an idea: to make it happen needs your support!

Pop into Peace Hub in September & October to find out more and show your support: let businesses and the council know that if a Birmingham Pound existed, you’d spend it!

Read more: Briefing – how and why a Birmingham Pound could work, produced by the Birmingham Pound Steering Group.

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