16th March 2015

Stand Up for the Right to Refuse to Kill

Ha Hyeong hwan and Kim Seong min were imprisoned for 18 months in May 2014 for refusal to undertake compulsory military service in South Korea.

Pop into Peace Hub to send a solidarity message to Hyeong and Seong —your words will give them hope during tough times.

Conscription in South Korea

‘Real Men’ a South Korean TV show that glamorises military life.

All South Korean men in must join the armed forces at 18 years old for between 21 and 24 months national service.  The right to conscientious objection is not recognised, and those who refuse to fight face 18 months imprisonment.  After being released, conscientious objectors are often labelled by Korean society as ‘not real men’.  Read more about conscription and objection in South Korea from a Korean peace activist.

Pop into Peace Hub any weekday between 11:00 and 14:30 to find out more, and send a message of solidarity to Hyeong and Seong. We can provide a ready-addressed postcard and suggested message, or you can write in your own words.

War Resisters International (WRI) supports conscientious objectors around the world.  Visit the WRI website to find more prisoners who need messages of support.


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