Although the cafe part of the Hub is back open, unfortunately coronavirus restrictions mean that will won’t be able to stock Fairtrade goods for the time being.

We understand that the Carrs Lane Fairtrade shop is also closed during this time.

Where small local shops and Fairtrade suppliers are able to stay open, please try to support them during this difficult time.

Want to read up on a particular peace & justice topic?  Need a snack to fuel your action for a better world?  Pop into Peace Hub to sample what’s on offer in our shop.

We have a range of Fairtade snacks and condiments to tempt you, courtesy of our friends at The Church at Carrs Lane.  From Palestinian olive oil to Ghanian chocolate, these goods guarantee that the farmers who produce them are paid a fair price for their crops, have reasonable working standards, and receieve a Fairtrade premium to spend on their comunity.  Read more about Fairtrade.

Around the festive period, we also have some Fairtrade craft items, which make great gifts!

And if you’re interested in learning more about some of the peace & justice themes we’ve covered at the Hub, we’ve got a selection of books, courtesy of Friends House Bookshop.  From the history of peace-building, to practical guides, there’s a great range, so pop in for a browse (and don’t forget the books in our library too!)

Peace Hub is a not-for-profit organisation, and we sell these items on a sale-or-return basis: so don’t worry that we’re going to give you the hard sell!  You’re welcome to pop in for a complimentary cuppa and a chat about our latest theme, and just see if something catches your eye.