13th October 2020

Carrs Lane Fairtrade Shop to close

We’ve had a message from our friends at Carrs Lane Fairtrade Shop, explaining that they are sadly having to close:

“The impact of the shop having been closed for the last six months, plus the ongoing restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, has forced upon us the difficult decision to formally close the shop activities by Dec 31st this year. It is physically impossible to continue to operate our retail outlet from the church premises with all the obligatory restrictions in place. We realise this decision is an unhappy event for many and must record our thanks to all those who have laboured long and hard to maintain the activity, Joan Davies in particular.”

This means that Peace Hub will no longer be able to stock Fairtrade items for sale, as we had been doing so in partnership with Carrs Lane on a sale-or-return basis. We’ll still be stocking Fairtrade refreshments for the Hub, so you can continue to support coffee, tea and sugar farmers to get a fair deal by popping in for a cuppa.

We’re sad that the shop has had to close, but it’s understandable in these difficult times, and would like to thank the staff and volunteers at Carrs Lane for all their work over the years.

Read the full statement from Carrs Lane.

Stock Clearance

The shop now has a number of items that need to be cleared before Christmas. You can see what items are available (many at a discount) and check the process for ordering on the Carrs Lane website.

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