Taxes for Peace: Update & Action!

Image: Conscience. Back in May & June 2016 we were showing support for people who Take a Stand for what they believe in: including concientious objectors past & present. We highlighted the Taxes for Peace Bill, and many of you ‘registered’ as modern day conscientious objectors, by opposing the use of our taxes for war, […]

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Bad News on Trident, Better News on Peace Tax

More updates on our Time to Bin Trident and Taking a Stand themes. Time to Bin Trident First the bad news: MPs voted to renew the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system last night (18th July).  While the result was not a shock, it was saddening to see the scale of support from MPs for spending […]

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Peace Tax Bill to be debated

Picture: Conscience. An update on our theme Taking a Stand, and the action you took to support the taxes for peace bill. In May & June we were asking you to ‘register’ as a modern day conscientious objector, by opposing the use of our taxes for war, and asking for this money to be spent […]

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Keep Taking a Stand for Freedom of Conscience

Our Taking a Stand theme is coming to an end at Peace Hub, but there are still plenty of ways to keep taking action for Freedom of Conscience. Prisoners of Conscience continue to be persecuted around the world: Amnesty International campaigns for their release and for greater human rights.  You can see Amnesty’s latest campaigns […]

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‘Register’ as a Modern-Day CO

100 years on from The Conscription Act young men are no longer forced to join the armed forces.  But all of us are made to support war through our taxes. For countries like Britain, modern warfare does not need large numbers of conscripted soldiers, but does use highly expensive weaponry to engage in conflict around […]

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1916-2016: 100 Years of Conscientious Objection

It’s 100 years since the right to conscientious objection was enshrined in British law.  What did taking a stand mean then, and how does it compare to today? In 1916, the British government introduced conscription – all men aged 18-40 were compelled to join the armed forces.  Along with other pacifists in the No-Conscription Fellowship, […]

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