Take Action to Fund the Hubs

Take Action to Fund the Hubs

The pandemic has affected the mental health and wellbeing of all of us. But young people have been hit especially hard, with school-closures, and long periods of isolation. The charity Mind state that:

“Hundreds of thousands of young people are struggling with their mental health – and too often they can’t get support when they first need it.”


Mind are calling on the government to set up a network of Early Support Hubs to help 11 to 25 year-olds access support when they first start experiencing mental health difficulties – rather than waiting until the problems become more serious. Examples of these hubs already exist in some places, doing great work, so Mind want to see them rolled out across the country and given proper funding and support. The video above explains more.

Mind have created a template letter to write to your MP, asking them to write to the Prime Minister, calling on the government to Fund the Hubs.

Write to your MP

This action is for people in England (as health is a devolved matter in the other UK nations). Your letter will especially make an impact if you are a young person yourself, or work with young people – but don’t worry if you don’t fall into those categories: every letter makes a difference!

If you’d like to explore these issues further, and get more ideas for action, pop into the Hub for a cuppa and a chat.

This action is being organised and led by the charity Mind. Peace Hub is sharing it as we feel it is a positive action that fits our current theme. It should not be inferred that Mind has endorsed Peace Hub in any way.

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