28th April 2021

Take Action for a Mental Health Spokesperson

There are simple steps we can all take to support our own mental wellbeing, and care for each others. There has been great work in recent years to make us all more aware of these issues, and become better at having open and supportive conversations with those around us.

Alongside this inter-personal approach, how can we become more supportive of each others’ mental wellbeing as a society?

Societal change needs to include a more supportive approach to mental health from those in power. The charity Mind have stated that the pandemic has created a mental heath emergency, and identify five priorities for the government, to make sure that people get the support they need:

  • Invest in community services
  • Protect those most at risk
  • Reform the Mental Health Act
  • Provide a financial safety net
  • Support children and young people

We know that the government has lots of competing priorities as we being to come out of lockdown – so in February, campaigner Hannah Currie asked the Prime Minister to introduce a mental health spokesperson at coronavirus briefings, to ensure that this issue stays on the agenda. Hannah introduces the idea in the video below:

A spokesperson wouldn’t magically bring in all the policy changes we would hope for, but it would be a start and show that the government is taking this issue seriously. Unfortunately, although the Prime Minister told Hannah in February that a spokesperson was a good idea, there have been no further updates.

So Mind are asking us to write to Boris Johnson, explaining why having a spokesperson is important. They have provided an online form to allow you to send an message easily.

Ask the PM for a Mental Health Spokesperson

As always, these are complicated issues and we’re open to friendly conversations and questions – do get in touch to share your ideas and find out more.

This action is being organised and led by the charity Mind. Peace Hub is sharing it as we feel it is a positive action that fits our current theme. It should not be inferred that Mind has endorsed Peace Hub in any way.

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