4th December 2018

Love, Live and Forgive this Christmas

This is the Junior Peacemakers message being shared on 70 buses across Birmingham this Christmas for four weeks from the 10th December 2018.

We were delighted to work with our sister organisation Peacemakers (West Midlands Quaker Peace Education Project) on a new bus poster campaign for 2018, led by children from King Norton Primary, Oasis Foundry, Paganel Primary and Greenfield school.

Four pupils from each school attended a workshop in November, at Bull Street Quaker Meeting House.   The pupils considered how they felt when they entered the city centre: the majority shared feelings of excitement and awe due to the buildings, people and atmosphere. However, the children were also overwhelmed by the crowded streets, concerned about their safety and saddened by the amount of homeless people.

In response, the Junior Peacemakers wanted their message to be promoting peace and respect. After brainstorming and voting the children decided on ‘Love, Live and Forgive this Christmas’ as the slogan for their poster. Pupils drew images to accompany the slogan and represent their message.

Look out for the poster on National Express West Midlands buses from 10th December 2018 – it’ll be on the back of the stairwell.

This message is also part of Peacemakers’ #peaceinthecity movement which aims to continue spreading the message of peace. To do this, Peacemakers and Peace Hub are encouraging you to reflect on what peace means to you and where you see it, feel it and find it in the city. Follow #peaceinthecity on social media to be a part of this campaign.

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