Action to Stop the Arms Fair continues

Action to Stop the Arms Fair continues

Next week, London will be hosting one of the worlds biggest arms fairs, DSEI, with repressive regimes and weapons manufacturers coming together to do business.

All this week, whilst the guns, tanks and rocket launchers arrive ready for display, non-violent protesters have been taking a stand to say Stop the Arms Fair.

On Tuesday (5th September) we took our Brummies for Peace banner to the demonstration, featuring your signatures and messages of solidarity.  The theme of the day was No Faith in War, with Quakers from across the UK joining together with many people of different faiths to share a message of peace.  Peace Hub joined together with Christians from the Midlands to recite the litany of resistance, stating that “With the waging of war; With all preparation and training for war; With the forces of fear: We will not comply.”  Others at the demonstration took part in non-violent direct action, blocking access to the conference centre for trucks delivering weapons, and several were arrested.

Protesters peacefully blocking weapons from being delivered, by abseiling in front of the road.

Campaign Against Arms Trade have produced the video above giving a sense of the day, and explaining why so many people of faith felt they needed to stand up and say No to the arms trade.

And there’s still time to take part: the protests continue this weekend, with a family-friendly ‘Festival of Resistance’ tomorrow (Sat 9th Sept).  And if you can’t make it down to London, there is a vigil in Coventry on Monday (11th Sept) 7-8pm on steps of Coventry Cathedral Ruins.

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