16th August 2017

Stop Arming Repression

Photo: Stop the Arms Fair.

From now through till mid-October, Peace Hub’s theme is Stop Arming Repression: let’s put human rights first.

In 2016, the UK exported arms to over 100 countries, including many that are repressing their own people and/or engaging in violent conflicts where civilians are being targeted.  Arms export licences (granted by the UK government to weapons manufacturers) allow the sale of arms to countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Israel and Russia.

The UK’s own guidance prohibits the sale of weapons where there is a risk that they might be used for human rights abuses or war crimes.  This is backed up by the UN Arms Trade Treaty, which the UK has signed and ratified.  But our government is flouting its own rules by continuing to allow weapons to be sold to authoritarian regimes.  In fact the UK’s biggest arms customer over the past decade is Saudi Arabia, one of the most repressive regimes in the world.  Pop into the Hub to learn more about the people being persecuted by these weapons and to take action.

We’re highlighting this theme now, because in September the international weapons industry plans to set up shop in London at a huge arms fair, called DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International).  Protests will be taking place from 4-11th September and you can leave a message of solidarity on our Brummies for Peace banner, which will travel down to the demonstrations.

Join us to say No to the arms trade, and Yes to peace and human rights.

Pop into Peace Hub, between 16th August and 13th October 2017 to:

  • Find out more & have your say
  • Add a message to our ‘Brummies for Peace’ banner
  • Ask your MP to speak out against UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia

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