22nd March 2016

Global Days of Listening

“It makes you realise you are not alone.”  A member of the Afghan Peace Volunteers describes receiving messages of support from across the world.

It was wonderful to listen in to the Afghan Peace Volunteers (APVs) during one of their Global Days of Listening yesterday: they spoke to activists and supporters across the world and described some of their recent activities – including celebrating the Afghan New Year which falls on 21st March.  To mark this occasion, a group of young Afghans had ridden out on their bicycles to a nearby hill to fly ‘kites not drones’.  (Kite-flying is a traditional Afghan pastime – but the blue skies children would use to fly kites are feared because they are also perfect for armed drones: if you’re involved in education there’s a learning resources pack available on this topic.)

The APVs also spoke about planting trees and other activities to promote sustainability and new life; and also about the progress the their Borderfree Street Kids school is making.  The volunteer teachers at the school recently assessed how well they are providing for the children and were pleased with the progress they’ve made, as well as identifying ways they can improve in future.  You can send a message of solidarity to the children & teachers at the Borderfree school – pop into Peace Hub to find out more and take part.

You can also listen back to the full conversation; and join in next month, on Thursday 21st April.

Come along to Peace Hub between 11:00 and 14:30 on 21st April to hear the live skype broadcast and help us send a message of peace & solidarity across the world.

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