Live, Love, Learn

Education helps us to gain skills and knowledge that allow us to work and support ourselves. But it’s about much more than that.

Education helps us to understand the world the world we live in, and empathise with other people, as well as solve problems.

Most importantly, education gives us the confidence to change things for the better.

Across the world, people like Malala Yousafzai are working for equal access to education for everyone. Here in the UK, the Our Shared World network is calling for sustainable education by 2030. People are using the Human Rights Act to ensure fair access to school for everyone. Others are challenging militarism in schools.

Even closer to home, our sister organisation Peacemakers are educating for peace – including via our join project Junior Peacemakers.

How can we support their efforts, and help bring education to all?

Join in throughout January, February & March 2022 to:

  • Read personal stories & find out more;
  • Have your say;
  • Explore resources for adults & children to learn about peace;
  • Stand up for sustainable education for all.

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