Time to Bin Trident

Let’s spend £100 billion on health, housing & renewables:

not nuclear weapons.

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    Renewing Trident nuclear weapons will cost over £100 billion.  If you think that money could be better spent:

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    • Write to your MP
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    Time to Bin Trident

    Let’s spend £100 billion on health, housing & renewables: not nuclear weapons.

    In early 2016, parliament will vote on whether to renew the Trident system of nuclear weapons.

    Costing over £100 billion across 40 years, it will be the biggest spending decision this parliament makes.

    Instead, that money could pay for any of these things:

    • Fully fund all A&E services for the next 40 years.
    • Build 1.5 million affordable homes.
    • Enough wind-turbines to power all UK households.
    • Scrap tuition fees for 4 million students.

    It’s time to consign Trident to the rubbish bin, and instead focus on peace-building, cooperation and justice.

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    Want to work to bin Trident? These resources are available from Peace Hub:

    Video Presentation

    Presentation covering the basic issues, available as PowerPoint or Video.

    View Video

    Want to learn more? We can provide a speaker to talk to W. Mids based organisations

    Request Speaker
    Poster Display

    A bold A0 poster highlighting the issue and a more detailled A3 poster display.

    Inflatable Trident Missile & Bin

    Large inflatable missile & a bin to create a visual display, or take some #ScrapTrident selfies