Think Global, Act Local, Get Equal

How can we Build Back Better for everyone?

  • By thinking global we can take on international tax-avoiders and support a more ethical approach to banking around the world.
  • By acting local we can make sure the benefits of the economy are shared amongst everyone, and support things that are actually useful to people.
  • By getting equal we can Build Back better from the pandemic, and improve the things we really care about: health, education, quality of life.

Economics can feel like an abstract, academic topic, not for the likes of us to worry about. But at it’s heart, the economy is about the things we all make and do – and which of these things we value.

What should we value as a society?

Would closing the gap between rich and poor benefit everyone?

What would you do with the security of a Living Income?

There are no easy answers, but lots of ideas about how we could do things better – and we’d love to hear yours!

Pop into Peace Hub throughout July, August & September 2021 to:

  • Find out more & have your say
  • Read personal stories
  • Take action for a Living Income
  • Get top tips on using your own money for good

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