We are Powerful

When we stand together


Let’s use our Power for Good to tackle bullying and create a culture of kindness and solidarity.

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When we stand in solidarity, we are powerful.

Pledge to use your Power for Good to speak up when you see bullying and hateful behaviour, report incidents, and show kindness and support to those being bullied.

Take Action

We are Powerful

When we stand together

Bullying is the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person (or group) by another person (or group), where the relationship involves an imbalance of power.

We can take short term steps to tackle bullying by raising awareness and supporting people to speak up and seek help when it occurs.

In the long term, we need to build more peaceful cultures in which people show compassion and respect, and have the skills to resolve their conflicts peacefully.

So pop into Peace Hub during November, December & January to

  • Find out more
  • Share small acts of kindness
  • Pledge to use your Power for Good
  • Pick up some top tips for responding to bullying and conflict

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Video Presentation

Presentation covering the basic issues, available as PowerPoint or Video.


Want to learn more? We can provide a speaker to talk to W. Mids based organisations

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Two bold A1 posters highlighting the issue and a more detailled A3 poster display.

Peaceful Brum video & posters

Posters & video also available from our theme on making peacei n the local communitiy from summer 2016.