Video: Anti-austerity but #ProWhat?

What happened when a group of people from Birmingham came together in February 2016 to explore ‘anti-austerity, but pro-what?’  We shared ideas, found common ground, and started to set out an alternative to neoliberalsim. This event was the start of a conversation that’s ongoing: to join in, search #ProWhat or visit Politics of Networks.

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Pro What Part 2 – the conversation continues

Thanks to everyone who took part in the second session of ‘Anti-Austerity but Pro What?’ yesterday. In part 1 last week, we’d started the conversation about our ideas on alternatives to austerity and neoliberalism, found plenty of common ground and generated lots of words.  This week things got a bit more focussed – if we’re […]

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Pro What? Part 1 a success!

Thanks to everyone who took part in session 1 of ‘Anti-Austerity, but Pro-What?’ last night. The event brought together around 60 people took part from a range of backgrounds, to explore what our alternatives to austerity and neoliberalism are (hence ‘Pro What?’)  In particular, we’re looking for an alternative to neoliberalism’s ‘big 5’: free markets, […]

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Workshop: Anti- Austerity: But Pro What?

Anti-Austerity: But Pro What? 18 & 25 February @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm At Impact Hub Birmingham,Walker Building, 58 Oxford Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 5NY Want to see a fairer society, here in the UK and around the world? Feel like you’re constantly firefighting against things you don’t agree with? Fed up of media […]

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Quakers & Equality

Quakers have a lonstanding spiritual commitment to equality: the idea that everyone has something of the divine within them, and is therefore of equal worth and value. “Are you working to bring about a just and compassionate society which allows everyone to develop their capacities and fosters the desire to serve?” From Advices and Queries […]

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Coming Soon: Love, Equality & Money

People Before Profit

We’re pleased to announce that our peace & justice theme for September & October 2015 will be: Love, Equality & Money Let’s make our Economy more Equal More equal societies do better at the things we really care about: health, education, quality of life. Approaching economics with a spirit of love, compassion and equality benefits […]

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