Quakers & Equality

Quakers have a lonstanding spiritual commitment to equality: the idea that everyone has something of the divine within them, and is therefore of equal worth and value. “Are you working to bring about a just and compassionate society which allows everyone to develop their capacities and fosters the desire to serve?” From Advices and Queries […]

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Coming Soon: Love, Equality & Money

People Before Profit

We’re pleased to announce that our peace & justice theme for September & October 2015 will be: Love, Equality & Money Let’s make our Economy more Equal More equal societies do better at the things we really care about: health, education, quality of life. Approaching economics with a spirit of love, compassion and equality benefits […]

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For Better & for Worse: International Agreements on Food

There are two major international agreements being negotiated at the moment, that the UK is part of: the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership and the Sustainable Development Goals.  Both are wide ranging, and cover several important issues that you might want to take action on.  But here we’ll focus on the aspects that relate to […]

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Compassion vs Scapegoating

We’ve recently recieved a circular email highlighting the low state pension, and laudibly calling for it to be raised, but sadly blaming the situation on refugees. It’s a timely example of the negative attitudes and misconceptions faced by asylum seekers and refugees.  People are understandably worried about pensioner poverty, just as they are about jobs, […]

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The floodgates are open…or are they?

In the second of his artcles looking at asylum & refugee issues, our volunteer Richard looks behind the headlines, to find the true facts & figures. “The last few years have seen major conflict and humanitarian crises take place across the world, from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to the Central African Republic and Darfur. As […]

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Asylum: We need to debate using facts, not fiction

Over the coming weeks Richard, one of our volunteers, will be uncovering the facts about asylum seekers & refugees.  Today he explores why it’s so important to understand what’s really going on: “Martin Luther King once said that “a great nation is a compassionate nation”.  A poll conducted by YouGov in June 2014 suggests the […]

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New Internationalist on the UK’s relaxed attitude to arms

An interesting article by  Edward Robinson was published on the New Internationalist blog last week, detailling how a recent parliamentary inquiry into Britain’s arms exports found that the criterion for embargoing arms has been relaxed in recent years. The nub of the matter is that, instead of the refusing an arms export licence where there […]

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