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Register for our Relaunch!

We’ve refreshed our public space at Peace Hub to make it even more welcoming. The new café-style layout is already bringing in new people interested in finding out about peace & justice and how they can get involved. We warmly invite you to join in: Three years on from our Official Launch, join us for […]

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Take your #NewUnionFlag selfie!

Our current theme at Peace Hub is all about celebrating Our Shared Future and welcoming refugees into our community. As part of the theme, we’re delighted to be displaying the New Union Flag in our window.  It’s been designed by artist Gil Mualem Doron as a celebration of our diversity. The flag is made up […]

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Take Action to Bin Trident

Our current theme is about consigning Trident nuclear weapons to the rubbish bin, and instead focussing on peace building, cooperation and justice. So, if you agree that over £100 billion could be better spent on health, housing and renewables across the next 40 years, instead of on nuclear weapons, what can you do about it? […]

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