3rd May 2022

Sharing Common Wealth?

We’re pleased to announce our new peace & social justice theme in the run-up to the Commonwealth Games:

Sharing Common Wealth? How can we understand our past and build a more equitable future?

Birmingham is hosting the Commonwealth Games in July and August 2022. The Games give us a chance to think critically about the Commonwealth:

  • Where did it come from?
  • Where it is going?
  • How do we understand its complex and contested history?

The education organisation Tide suggest developing ‘Commonwealth Awareness’ to help us explore these questions. Tide were inspired by Sathnam Sanghera’s book ‘Empireland’  which tells his own story and captures the essence of some 500 years of colonial history – and most importantly how that history shapes Britain today.

At Peace Hub we’ll be sharing stories of people making a difference throughout the Comonwealth and in our local community; asking questions about how our history affects our present and could help us build a better future; and taking action together in solidarity.

Pop into Peace Hub throughout May, June & July 2022 to:

  • Read local & global stories and find out more;
  • Have your say about Commonwealth Awareness;
  • Explore how our past, present and future are linked;
  • Show solidarity with LGBTI+ people in Ghana and throughout the Commonwealth.

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