12th October 2021

Show Your Heart

Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll hopefully start noticing orange hearts appearing around Brum. You may have already spotted them on social media. But what’s it all about?

The orange heart is the symbol adopted by Together With Refugees – a new coalition of national and local organisations, refugees living in Britain, and people from all walks of life.

The heart uses the colours of the flag created by refugee artist Yara Said, for the first ever refugee team in the Olympics in 2016. The colours were inspired by a lifebelt representing hope.  It was developed in consultation with refugee organisations and people with lived experience, and is displayed as a symbol of compassion to people fleeing war, persecution or violence.

Birmingham City of Sanctuary are encouraging public buildings to join in their orange heart trail around the city centre – and Schools of Sanctuary will be creating trails in their local area too.

Make your own orange heart, and show that you stand Together With Refugees.

You can join in by popping into Peace Hub for one of our regular crafting workshops to make an orange heart. We’ll provide materials, with options for sewing, painting, collaging, printing and/or colouring. All welcome, 2pm to 4pm each Tuesday from 26th October and throughout November:

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