1st April 2021

Make ‘the Commitment’ for a healthy planet

Join in with this simple action ahead of the West Midlands Mayoral Elections in May.

Our friends at The Commitment work to put climate change and the natural world higher up the political agenda, by collecting Commitments from the public and taking them to politicians, giving those in power a mandate to act.

Like Peace Hub, The Commitment are politically neutral: this action is about demonstrating to politicians of all parties that there is demand from the electorate for meaningful action on the climate.

They are asking the public to make a promise to vote with a healthy planet at the heart of their decisions in all elections and explain why this is important to them through a personal message and image (this may be a long or short statement, poem, video, photograph or artwork).

With the elections for West Midlands Mayor coming up on 6th May, making your Commitment is a quick and easy way to have your voice heard and create the change you wish to see.

Make your Commitment today. 

Alongside this action, Friends of the Earth are asking Mayoral Candidates to make a pledge to create a Climate Action Plan – you can encourage candidates to sign on the FoE website.

Our theme A Burning Issue is coming to an end at Peace Hub, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to take actions such as these, or the local, national & international actions we’ve been highlighting recently. And we’re always here if you want a chat about how to get involved in climate action.

In the meantime, have a happy & peaceful Easter, and we’ll see you soon with a new theme on mental health.

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