9th September 2020

Join us & Medaille Trust to help combat modern slavery

We’re delighted to announce that our new theme for September to December 2020 is:

Refuge & Freedom:

How can we work together to combat modern slavery?

For the next two months, we’re partnering with Medaille Trust, for a new peace & social justice theme. It’s a tough subject to talk about, but modern slavery could be happening right now in our community.

Together we can spot the signs, support organisations like Medaille who are providing practical support, and offer small actions to advocate for the vicitms of modern slavery.

Join in online throughout the rest of 2020 to:

  • Find out about the reality of modern slavery in the UK today;
  • Read personal stories of survivors;
  • Get tips on spotting the signs, and what to do;
  • Take small actions to help tackle this big problem.

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