9th April 2020

Keep supporting Fridays for Future

You can continue to support Fridays for Future via the Digital Strike.

Young people have been showing leadership in taking action on the climate emergency through schools strikes on Fridays, and are asking adults to support them in this.

Digital Strike was started to allow people who couldn’t physically take part in a strike to join in – in this strange time, that’s now all of us! Fridays for Future offer this guide to joining the Digital Strike:

  1. Find sign material (back of used paper, cardboard, whiteboard, get creative) (See tips to see other acceptable ways to create a sign)
  2. Grab a well inked dark coloured marker, pen, or sharpie and write a climate message. Check the FFF Instagram ( or Twitter (@fff_digital) for our weekly theme, but it can be as simple as “I stand with Fridays for Future” or a message about how climate change impacts you!  Click here for some creative sign suggestions.
  3. Post the picture on your social media accounts and tag, @ your local FFF group if you’re part of one [@bhams4c in Birmingham], #digitalstrike, #climatestrikeonline, and @ anyone who you would like to see your strike! We really encourage you to do this because it helps grow our movement! Make sure you tag us so we see it!
  4. DM your picture to the FFF Instagram ( or Twitter (@fff_digital). If you DM it on Instagram, please send using keep in chat settings. (This is also important so our team can create the collages because stories disappear after 24 hours and not all mentions are seen)
  5. Send it by the end of the day Friday (doesn’t matter your time zone)

You can also get inspiration from Talks for Future shared on YouTube at 2pm each Friday.

Remember you can still take part in our Veg Pledge action with Jai Jagat UK, and watch this space for more ideas for online actions on the climate emergency.

And for a more in depth exploration of the issue, join our friends Footsteps for Online Earth Day 2020: Our Cities & Climate on 22nd April.

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