17th March 2020

Peace Hub Temporarily Closed

From Tuesday 17th March 2020 Peace Hub is temporarily closed, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

We’re sorry to be closing our doors to the public – a central part of our work for peace and justice is encouraging face-to-face social contact. Unfortunately this is the very thing we are being asked to limit at the moment, to protect the health of vulnerable people in our community.

However that doesn’t mean that our work will stop! Over the coming weeks (and perhaps months) we will be supporting you to get involved with our themes and take action online. Follow our blog, twitter or Facebook for everything that would normally be available at the Hub:

  • more information about our latest peace & justice theme;
  • personal stories of people taking action for a better world;
  • the chance to have your say;
  • simple actions that you can get involved with.

We’ll also be aiming to let you know how to get involved with the positive community responses to COVID-19 that are springing up. For the latest health advice, please check the NHS website.

Our coordinator will be available on email at during our normal operating hours: 11am-5pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Do keep in touch!

Stay safe & see you soon.

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