27th November 2019

Invest in Peacebuilding

Our theme Safe & Sound? is all about finding news ways to keep ourselves secure. The Rethinking Security network identifies 5 priorities for a secure world: invest in peacebuilding; meet people’s basic needs; protect human rights; improve social equality; and tackle climate breakdown.

In this article, we’re exploring how we could Invest in Peacebuilding.

If we see others as competitors or enemies, we naturally seek security in out-competing or defeating them.  But this can lead to a cycle of destruction – even if we briefly ‘win’ we’re never secure.

What if instead, we invested in peacebuilding, diplomacy and cooperation?

Can examining the roots of conflict, and searching for win-win solutions that meet everyone’s need, make us more secure in the long run?

Investing in Peace: QUNO

The Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) is based in Geneva & New York. QUNO use ‘quiet diplomacy’ to help governments and officials work for a more just and peaceful world.

One example of this is the Arms Trade Treaty Network (ATTN). In 2013 an International Arms Trade Treaty was agreed at the UN. So far 130 states have signed the treaty and 97 have ratified it. QUNO helped to form the ATTN, which helps governments to understand their obligations under this treaty and put them into practice.

Pop into Peace Hub to find out more about QUNO, and other examples of how we can invest in peacebuilding to make us all more secure.

Photo: Caelie Frampton, CC 2.0 BY-NC-SA

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