6th November 2019

Join in: Rethinking Security

We’re pleased to announce that our theme from now until Christmas is:

Safe & Sound – how can we create security for everyone?

Traditionally we see security as safety from threats. Fear can make us favour short-term solutions that take away the immediate threat, but don’t solve the underlying problems.

If we see security as ‘freedom to live’, rather than ‘avoiding threats’, could it help us to take a long-term approach that creates a just and peaceful world for all of us?

Could we reimagine security as a form of freedom?  Freedom to live together in a collaborative society.

The Rethink Security network identifies these problems with our current model of security:

  • It’s disconnected from people’s daily needs and concerns;
  • It justifies arms sales to corrupt and repressive regimes;
  • It overlooks problems such as inequality and climate change;
  • It relies on heavy weaponry and military interventions;
  • It allows excessive surveillance, and stigmatises minority groups

Is there another way? Rethink Security suggests a new model of security based on these principles:

  • Meeting people’s basic, daily needs;
  • Protecting human rights & the rule of law ;
  • Tackling problems such as inequality and climate breakdown;
  • Improving gender and racial equality and promoting inclusion);
  • Supporting peacebuilding, diplomacy and international cooperation.

Pop into Peace Hub, throughout November & December 2019 to:

  • Find out more
  • Read stories of individuals and groups putting these ideas into practice
  • Sign a letter to support Amazonian Women working for security for women & girls; indigenous people; and the climate
  • See the beautiful Peace Poppy Mosaics

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