24th September 2019

Say Thank You for Small Acts of Kindness

Sometimes the smallest acts can add up to make a big difference.

Pop into Peace Hub to share a small act of kindness that someone has done for you recently, by adding it to our kindness board.  It’s an opportunity to say thank you, and inspire others to each play our part in making our community a peaceful place.

In recent years, these were some of the small acts people in Brum shared:

  • A stranger offered me a tissue and a hug when I was sat in the train.
  • Friendly person made a point of welcoming me at an event where I didn’t know many people.
  • Someone thanked me when I picked up a piece of litter.
  • Someone offered me a seat on the train.
  • Colleague reminded me of what I’m good at and made me feel valued again.
  • Someone gave me a lift in the rain.
  • Someone picked up the sheet of stamps I had dropped.
  • Someone smiled at me at the bus stop and said ‘good morning’.
  • Xmas card from Big Issue lady in Harbourne, said ‘Tenkiu’ [thank you].
  • Someone noticed I’d dropped my purse and returned it to me before I left the bus!

Once you’ve added your small act to our our kindness board, then why not pay it forward?  Pop in to write an anonymous message of kindness that we’ll hide in a public place for someone to fine.

In return, our small act of kindness to you is a cuppa & a friendly chat!  See you soon 🙂

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