18th September 2019

How Can I Stand in Solidarity?

A card reading 'Love doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be true.'

Our current theme Change Starts with Us is all about making peace in our community and tackling bullying. When we see someone being bullied, we all want to help, but it can be hard in the moment.

Practicing showing kindness in our everyday lives can help break down the hesitation and embarrassment that stops us in a tense situation.

Pop into Peace Hub to take part in an action, where you can offer a message of kindness anonymously. We’ll provide cards that you can write a note on, and we’ll hide it in a public place for someone to find – it could be just the message they needed. We’ll also put your message on social media, so that it pops up randomly in people’s feeds.

Once you’ve practiced offering a message anonymously, it will be easier to be friendly in a face-to-face situation. You can share and get inspiration for further small acts of kindness from our board.

Drop by the Peace Hub to join in!

This action is inspired by a project started by Hannah Brencher. In 2011 Hannah began leaving letters around New York City for strangers to find. She felt lonely in the big ‘city of dreams’ and used the process to help ease her feelings of sadness and prevent others from feeling the same way.

She left notes all over the city, tucking messages such as “Don’t give up on your dreams” and “I believe in you” into a book in a downtown cafe or in between the slats on a park bench, or on the worn seat of a taxi.

What started as a comforting habit turned into a full-scale operation and soon enough, The World Needs More Love Letters project was born. Volunteer letter writers take part around the world: there are now approximately 13,000 people involved, from more than 50 countries! You can read more about Hannah’s story in Positive News magazine .

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